Partner with AudioLucent

Share your guidance with the world through AudioLucent. See your personal meditation come to life inside an App exclusively designed with your creativity.


Inspire People

Allow your listeners to have a refreshing experience each time they start a session. Create a positive influence for people through your teaching and guidance.

Magnify Your Creativity

Express your work as form of art with the flexibility of AudioLucent’s platform. Choose your atmosphere, chimes, and more to compliment your guidance.

More Than an MP3

Hear your meditation come to life as AudioLucent intelligently adapts your guided meditation for any length of time.

Work together with the AudioLucent project.

Maintenance, updates and deployment is handled internally.

It couldn’t be any easier to get your app setup.

No fees or upfront cost.

How To Get Started

Apply by submitting your name and email. Send a link of your website, portfolio or even just a youtube recording you may have to sample your work.

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Upon acceptance through application, you will receive a starter email describing all the details including audio recording and script requirements, software product agreement and sales details.

Receive a Starter Email

If everything looks good, then the collaboration process will begin and continue until an agreed quality product is finished.

Collaboration Begins

You will be added as a member of the AudioLucent project and we may look forward to future collaborations!

Product Finalization

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Join the AudioLucent Project

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