Helping people listen, focus and heal through the medium of audio. Influenced by and influencing the pillars of meditation, motivation, story and poetry.

About AudioLucent

An independent company consisting of myself. AudioLucent is passion project in the making for a few years now. Built on an idea to change the way that media is produced from audio and the human connection.

To create a new mediums of audio in the forms of meditation, motivation, story and poetry. AudioLucent will strive to further mold these avenues to evoke a variety of societal perspectives. This simply means that audio can be used to share and expose people to different points of view.

Out of the box creativity driven by a passion to attempt the unknown or untested.

  • Core App Development 90%
  • Core Genre Development 20%
  • New Mediums and VR 10%

Who Am I?

How It Began

My youth started out as an aspiring programmer and a devote gamer. Early failures have left me suffering from restlessness, depression, inconsistent levels of confidence and health. One day I decided to attempt a full night of sleep listening to nature sounds. This has successfully lead my interest into meditation and different forms of healthy lifestyle changes. Embracing the things I still love to do and using them to spear head the creation of AudioLucent.

Here and Now

I am an independent creator at heart. Without an official education under my belt, I continue to teach myself as many skills necessary to accomplish my goals. Programming, audio editing, writing, speaking, graphic design, and web design. I have picked up and continue to evolve my interests in fitness and healthy living. After deciding to no longer pursue Artificial Intelligent design, I was inspired to begin work in “People Intelligent” design. Through AudioLucent, I aim to impact the lives of people on a personal level.

Into the Future

Despite any obstacles, I plan to drive AudioLucent as far I a can to help create a new shift in the way that people live. Providing alternate options to bridge intrapersonal and interpersonal communication in our society.

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of Meditation do you practice?

Usually 20 minutes daily and a much longer period of meditation once a week. Usually in the morning and/or before sleep. I practice experimental meditation influenced by a multiple different types of practices. Like my creativity, I’m not one that likes to be restricted in what I do. AudioLucent itself was influenced to compliment many forms and needs for meditation.

What kind of results do you see?

During the early months of my meditation I found it easier to stick to new habits and activities. I definitely started to take my meditation much more serious and invest into improving my progress. At this point in time I started to recognized improvement in my fitness recovery, my immune system, the ability to make less regretful decisions and cope with them.

How to you plan to expand?

The idea behind AudioLucent, is to provide a medium to allow a practitioner, artist, or anyone to express them selves beyond the static mp3. Amplifying the impact and effectiveness of personally expressive audio. Allowing people to share stories and guidance in a dynamic way that can be consumed progressively. The smart audio algorithm will allow consumption information to be scaled to fit anyone’s time. Branching into the genres and also into Virtual, Mixed and Augmented reality.




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